Drossos Motel

East End Photo-Ops


east-end photo-ops

Greenport started out as a humble fishing town and is now one of the coolest and most creative areas on the North Fork. The vibrant and diverse community offers plentiful dining, bars, shopping and sightseeing. In Greenport and throughout the rest of the east end you’ll find galleries, gourmet markets, beaches, water sports, hiking trails, marinas and many other spots that are off the beaten path and perfect for photography. Spectacular sunsets are not uncommon so whether this is your first, tenth or countless time on the east end of Long Island, we invite you to add Drossos Motel to your itinerary as a centrally located starting point.

It’s a great place to be with so much to see!


sunrise in Greenport

Coffee and a muffin while sightseeing on the docks and nearby Mitchell Park, so peaceful.

DSC04311 c.jpg


Greenport Hoosegow. Not the most modern!


high tide sunset

Photo-Ops are everywhere!



Surfcasting. A very popular pastime. Don’t forget your fishing license!